Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Performance to the Cast

Meritorious Achievement in Make Up and Hair Design to Melissa McTague

Excellence in Technical Design and Execution of the Barber Chair to Tim Buckley

Excellence in Performance to Heather Strauss for her performance of Mrs. Lovett

Excellence in Performance to Tim Buckley for his performance of Pirelli

Excellence in Performance to Kristopher Rosengrant for his performance of Anthony

Award Categories
Meritorious Achievement = Some advanced theatrical skill noted
Excellence = Theatrical skill base not routinely noted in non-professional theatre
Outstanding Achievement = Theatrical skill base rarely seen in non-professional theatre

An infamous tale, Sweeney Todd, an unjustly exiled barber, returns to nineteenth century London, seeking vengeance against the lecherous judge who framed him and ravaged his young wife. The road to revenge leads Todd to Mrs. Lovett, a resourceful proprietress of a failing pie shop, above which, he opens a new barber practice. Mrs. Lovett's luck sharply shifts when Todd's thirst for blood inspires the integration of an ingredient into her meat pies that has the people of London lining up... and the carnage has only just begun!




Sweeney Todd     -   Carlos Holden

Mrs. Lovett     -     Heather Strauss

Anthony     -     Kris Rosengrant

Johanna     -     Alexis Costa

Tobias     -     Becky Salerno

Judge     -     Dylan Jones

Beadle     -     Josh Rosengrant

Lucy     -     Kim Schneeberger

Pirelli     -     Tim Buckley

Fogg     -     Amber Schmidt


Gabby Almonte, Annay Ames-Shaw, Dolores Baker, Kevin Cerda, Amelia Gleyzer, Cole Phillips, Matthew Strauss, Lillian Tighe, Hannah Veety